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All groups below relate to male and female football teams, in year order, from: 
  • successful local club 1st grade teams
  • representative teams - all grades - for current photo status CLICK HERE
  • NSW Champion of Champions winners
  • various early years teams
together with a photo history of Pluim Park

Collecting these important historical team photos is an on-going exercise. 
The current collection of photos is by no means complete and may never be. 
Fellow football enthusiasts are invited to submit photos which are missing
Also, some photos displayed are of poor quality and some show the players only in alphabetical order.
If you can help please contact us (see Menu above).

1950-79   1980-84 1985-89  1990-94  1995-99 
2000-04   2005-09 2010-14  2015-20 2021-24
Pluim Park 

Photos are sorted by: year / local male / local female / reps male / reps female